Divoir: ?? Can Wikipedia be closed within 3-4 months ??

    According to 901am , asking for money in such an unusual way, Florence Devouard, chairman of the Wikimedia foundation, informed the participants of the Lift07 conference that Wikipedia would have enough funds to maintain the servers for 3-4 months, and that without additional funding Wikipedia “may disappear”.

    Will Wikipedia stop working? A site itself can cost several hundred million dollars, if not a billion. It is unlikely that there is a service that generates more traffic and has a higher authority than Wikipedia. Those who buy it, in addition to a unique means of marketing, will be able to provide “truthful information” (at least, as most of us perceive them). And, of course, firms like Microsoft will not have to hire employees to edit articles - just pay the new owner.

    Selling text ads alone on a site will repeatedly cover the funds allocated to support Wikipedia servers. Therefore, the statement of the Divoir is somewhat controversial.

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