List of Services 2.0 for Adults

    I present to your attention just a list of services that can be useful and enjoyable to anyone. Many, by the way, are made in the wake of already existing popular non-adult services.

    • X-Tube , PornoTube . A project created about the footsteps of YouTube, but you yourself understand what topic.
      socialporn . Created in the footsteps of Digg, even externally resembles it.
      Savemyporn . Search, catalog. There is an extension for FF, everything is as it should :)
      Sex By RSS . A very efficient RSS-powered service. Thematic selections, delivery to your favorite reader.
      The Uncensored . It would seem an ordinary catalog. But no, there is a social element in the form of user ratings. There is an analogue: ThumbBuzz .
      Babe VS Babe. Entering the site, you see two photos. Choosing the girl that you liked more, you form the overall rating, which is also available for viewing.
      Juxel . Thematic search engine exploiting the idea of ​​a tag cloud. They call themselves the first adult 2.0 site. He has competitors: eonsex , Web Goggles .
      HeatSeek , PornZilla . Browsers configured to search for adult content.
      Porn-A-Liciuos , Impetuous . Adult bookmarking services.
      Eroshare , Eroticr . "Home" galleries and collections of links.
      Have a nice surf!

      Thanks to collectors Mio , recoderand a lady in search for their collections.

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