A large resource or a thematic site? Where is banner advertising more effective?

    I came across a selection of myths of online advertising for beginners and professionals, compiled by Alexander Klimov from the Agave advertising agency.

    Indeed, people who are just starting to learn the world of online advertising are often exposed to the wrong, but common opinion among not very experienced advertisers. This applies to both display and contextual advertising.

    To the myths described there, I have one more, somewhat similar to " Advertising on a well-known popular resource is much more effective than advertising in banner networks ." My myth I would call " Advertising on a well-known popular resource is much more effective than advertising on narrow-topic sites ."

    So ... Once I saw an interesting case. In the advertising department of the company engaged in the production and sale of goods for women, the task was to conduct an advertising campaign on the Internet in support of the new collection. The head of the advertising department is an experienced specialist who previously worked only with offline channels. The advertising manager picked up sites and types of advertising on thematic sites with the right target audience.

    As a result, the proposed advertising campaign was rejected because the sites were not too famous (according to the CEO, who approves every step of the advertising department). They threw the entire budget to Yandex and Mail.ru. True, they were placed there with targeting by gender and age, which is why the cost of accommodation doubled.

    Of course, the Director General is “more visible”, but advertising in the context of the content of the site would be as effective as on large resources, and its cost would be several times lower.

    It’s a pity, there wasn’t yet a runner’s media-contextual advertisement in search of Rambler . The task could be completed at lower cost, and the CEO would be satisfied. :)

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