Google and Yahoo: happy to work with Adobe

    Adobe Systems today announced a partnership with leading Internet search engines to improve search results for dynamic Web content and RIAs. Adobe makes Adobe Flash Player available to Google and Yahoo! so that search engines can better index SWF files and the data contained in them. As a result, the search results will contain information on millions of SWF and RIA files played using Adobe Flash Player. Developers of rich Web content and Internet applications will not have to modify the already created SWF files - this information will be easily indexed and reflected in the results of user requests around the world.

    Google has already begun the process of incorporating Adobe Flash Player technology into its search engine. Using Adobe, Google can better index the content of sites using Adobe Flash and helps users find the information they need. At the same time, the creators do not need to make any changes to the content - all existing RIAs and dynamic Web files are easily indexed by search engines.

    “Google has worked hard to improve information retrieval results in SWF files,” said Bill Coughran, senior vice president of development, Google. “Through collaboration with Adobe, we can better index the content of sites using Adobe Flash technology, and thereby provide end users with more comprehensive search results.”

    Yahoo! also expects to improve the quality of search query results among SWF files. “In their work, Yahoo! focuses on the needs of website creators. That is why we will support the search for information in SWF files, and are already working with Adobe to find the best way to achieve this, ”said Sean Suchter, vice president of Yahoo! Search Technology Engineering. "

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