Starting something new

    A bit of theory.

    Psychologists have long noticed: it’s much easier for a person to get to the top if he knows that someone was already there before him. Psychologically, it’s easier for a person to repeat than to create something new. It's easier to copy facebook than to write VKontakte from scratch. (And if VKontakte appeared, then you can stamp such sites in dozens). It’s easier to take the finished design and the overall concept. But.
    But the work from this will not be significantly less. It is reliably known that the stage of implementation of the project is more than 90% of the total project implementation time.
    The life cycle of ANY significant project consists of 4 stages:
    1. Definition
    2. Planning
    3. Performance
    4. Completion
    And it doesn’t matter whether you go to Olympus, make a website or have a mega party — you will inevitably encounter each of the 4 stages to one degree or another. “Assigning” someone else’s idea. Copying someone else's project. Following in the footsteps of others to your dream, you simplify the first two stages. But not the third one, which is the most essential. Only one thing is important - purely psychologically you get the confidence that THIS IS POSSIBLE. If someone did this before you - it is possible to repeat. Therefore, if it is much simpler, then it is psychologically.


    Starting something new that no one else has done before you, apply the following psychotechnology. (It is understood that you are familiar with the subject matter of the project that you intend to implement. The technique will be useful if you already have a clear idea and at least an approximate idea of ​​the implementation paths).
    1. Sit back or lie down
    2. Take a deep breath and exhale deeply. Breathe rhythmically.
    3. Relax your face and arm muscles
    4. Imagine that your project has already been implemented in a parallel universe. The goal has already been achieved by someone and it is NORMAL. Feel that it is NORMAL and NATURAL. Feel in full that it is POSSIBLE.
    5. Mentally enlarge this picture to a HUGE size and make the picture BRIGHTER, if possible.
    6. Watch the details. Realize how exactly this happened. Stay in this state for about 5 minutes.
    7. Go back to this reality and just copy the project you saw - it's that simple! ;)

    The main idea

    Main idea: Climbing to an unattainable peak, imagine that someone has already been there before you.

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