I will try to live honestly

    “I’ll try to live honestly,” I told myself and decided to get rid of unlicensed software. The reasons for this decision can be spread for a long time, but I will not do this. “Given: get rid of pirated programs” is the point. And as an option, find what to replace .

    I’ll immediately notice that there are things that I can’t refuse. Firstly, it is XP. You can use up all the ammunition of rotten tomatoes. I’m used to it, and I’ll not prove why, it’s also possible to paint a post. On a habr I met statements that supposedly if you program in PHP, then Windows Sax, and Linux - Tru. Well, I'm still young and green, so I live in a world of pink fantasies.
    Also, I can’t categorically refuse Total Commander. For the nth number of years, I got hooked on him like a dope.

    So, the purchase of this good requires ~ 5000 rubles. Unpleasant, but not fatal. Move on.

    Office: MS Office -> Open Office. Passed easily and naturally. For six months of work, I have not encountered any problems. Of course, if you often need to exchange documents for printing, and all of your colleagues have MS, then problems may arise, yet both packages look at document formatting a little differently. But if the design of the document is not important for you and you print it in your own way, then Open Office is no worse than the office from MS.

    Mailer: The Bat! -> Thunderbird. This transition was easy for me. At first, of course, it’s not so convenient, but literally a week later I already found Bath monstrous, and Thunderbird simple and convenient.

    Antivirus:ESET NOD32 -> Avast -> Avira. Reluctantly, I deleted my favorite NOD, which served me faithfully and delivered Avast, which my friends advertised to me. Antivirus is generally not bad, but it behaves like a lazy dog. Often cursed where there was no virus in sight. After another squeak, Avast was turned off until better times, and I put Avira. He pleased me much more. Frequent updates, nice interface, yells less often, finds viruses, and, of course, free. And I left Avast just in case, in order to double-check if it’s "sick."

    CD / DVD Burner:Ahead Nero -> Small CD Writer / Ashampoo Burning Studio. With a sigh, I sent the usual Nero to the basket. The choice of software on this topic is really great, Deep Burner, CD-DVD Burner and others. However, my choice fell on a tiny program, which nevertheless writes discs perfectly. Small CD Writer. My girlfriend didn’t manage to correctly determine the speed of the recorder and wrote at very low speeds. Therefore, I downloaded Achampou with a free key during the promotion. He seemed too flashy to me, but he writes just as well.

    Virtual disks:Alcohol 120% -> Alcohol 52%. Well, what is there to comment. All the functions for which in 120% alcohol had to be paid are associated with cutting discs, and this was another program I was engaged in. So if you only need to mount disks, then putting 52% Alcohol you will not notice the difference.

    Archiver: WinRAR -> 7Zip. The fact is that my favorite total commander knows how to pack and unpack many different formats, so in principle a separate archiver was not needed, but I decided to let it be.

    Sound Processing: Sound Forge - Audacity. I edit the sound most often just copy-cut-paste pieces, more / less volume and other small things, which the free Audacity perfectly copes with.

    Defragmenter:O&O Defrag Professional -> Auslogic Disc Defrag. Of course Defrag Professional will not be able to surpass, but Aulogic Disc Defrag copes quite well with its task.

    File Recovery: Ontrack Easy Recovery -> Recuva. The small fast and free Rekuva in my opinion is in no way inferior to the large and slow Easy Recovery.

    System info: Lavalys Everest -> SiSoft Sandra. The basic version of Sandra is free, which you can only rejoice at.

    Drawing: Photoshop -> GIMP, Paint.net, Photofiltre. Same story as with SoundForge. I draw a little, most often I crop or cut, so I have enough free programs and their effects.

    Graphic Viewer:ACDSee -> Fast Stone Image Viewer. I do not know how the new versions of the ADC are, but at first I stubbornly used version 3. However, it is still paid. Of course, FastStone is not as fast as it could be, but it can cut, rotate and a bunch of all sorts of useful little things when it's too lazy to load a graph. editor.

    To be continued ...

    PS> I do not mention software, which is already free like: Opera, AIMP, Notepad ++, QIP

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