BlackBerry 10 Native SDK beta released

    As planned, today launched the BlackBerry World 2012 and BlackBerry 10 Jam . At the conference, developers will have access to BlackBerry 10 alpha devices. It is very pleasing that the developers will not only receive the devices, but also new tools, including the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK, which includes the following improvements ( regarding the PlayBook NDK 2.0 ):

    - Push Management API is the basis of the BlackBerry platform. These interfaces will allow developers to create push applications.

    - Battery Monitoring and LED Controlgives applications access to the hardware of the device. Battery level monitoring allows applications to read the battery level so that they can inform users of potential data loss if the battery level is too low. The app may also receive a low battery warning.

    - Payment API promotes the integration of payment processing mechanisms in applications.

    - Scoreloop SDK 2.0 , which provides interfaces for working with user profiles and global high score tables, achievements, and competitions with other players. Game developers, in particular, can improve their game by adding interesting new features for social interaction.

    A short video from BlackBerry 10:

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