Electricity and water from the air - go down from heaven to earth

    To my surprise, the topic " New technology for a completely environmentally friendly electricity generation " has already gained more than fifty pluses. I believe that the method of generating electricity and water described in the article is fantastic and has little to do with reality. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​getting fresh water from the air by condensation seemed quite interesting to me. That's what I managed to google.

    The company Eole Water has developed a wind turbine that collects atmospheric moisture. The solution is quite simple - the electricity generated by the windmill is used to operate the refrigerator, through which the outside air is driven by the fan. Atmospheric moisture condenses and collects for future use.

    The WMS1000 wind turbine has a rotor with a diameter of 13 meters, a rated electric power of 30 kW and is able to collect from 350 liters of water per day in desert conditions to 1200 liters on the coast. Since November 2011, the installation has been tested in the city of Mussafa (UAE).

    Unlike the Aero HPP, this design does not use hydrogen airships at a height of two kilometers and water conduits, nozzles and turbines capable of working with a stream of water of 200 meters per second. At the same time, the development and creation of the first prototype cost two million euros. So far, installing one such windmill costs 500-600 thousand euros.

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