Stable overclocking of Samsung Galaxy S II to 1.5 GHz

    Friday evening is approaching inevitably, with which I congratulate everyone!

    In order to warm up interest in anticipation of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II, I present to you the result of the work of the coolbho3000 overclocker from the well-known forum .

    This comrade set out to find out how high the dual-core bird Exynos 4210 can fly. The processor with which our flagship smartphone is equipped was born with an initial clock frequency of 1 GHz. Shortly before launching sales in Korea, Samsung Electronics engineers accelerated it to 1.2 GHz. Now, thanks to the efforts of coolbho3000, a new performance bar has been taken: 1.5 GHz!


    Overclocker kindly provided source codes and instructions for all to see.needed to play this stable overclock on Galaxy S II.

    Having overclocked the smartphone by 25% of its original frequency, coolbho3000 achieved really impressive benchmark results: 59 MFLOPS in Linpack and more than 4,000 points in Quadrant!


    According to overclocker, Exynos processors have great potential, being the fastest on the market today.

    PS: Despite the excellent results of this overclocking of the processor, Samsung Electronics does not recommend repeating it on its own: sad consequences are possible.

    Demo video of the process:

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