$ 10,000 Ethernet cable for ... audiophiles

    As you know, a hi-end class equipment costs a lot of money. If we talk about devices for audiophiles, then the prices are extremely high. And all because the developers of such devices play on the feelings of music lovers, creating super- expensive , super- quality gold-plated audio cables, glass speakers, “warm tube” amplifiers and all that jazz.

    In some cases, the high cost of audiophile technology is justified, but there are options where manufacturers simply fool buyers by trying to sell at a high price that simply cannot cost that kind of money. An example is an Ethernet cable for 10 thousand US dollars, a length of only 12 meters. In this cable, in particular, both connectors and wire conductors are made of silver.

    Why does a network cable cost so much? According to the developers, the high cost is due to the very high quality of the cable, “sharpened” for sound transmission. Cable benefits include the following:
    • LED marks indicating the correct connection direction. It is clear that many music lovers may simply not know that Ethernet cables are bi-directional;
    • The cable is protected against interference, a special shielded coating is used;
    • This cable has very high-quality latches, as a result of which the wire does not fall out of the connector at the wrong time;
    • Shielded cable protection is protection against "slowing down parts of the signal, which leads to problems with multi-octave audio."

    In general, on the page with the cable’s description there are a lot of such big words and statements that sound very strange even for a user who cannot be called a geek.

    Now the 12-meter version of the cable is no longer for sale, but the 3 -meter version is for sale , at a price of only 2200 US dollars. Suspiciously cheap, fake, probably.

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