History of a single interface


    Once upon a time there was one project. And he had an interface for selecting certain entities living in a tree structure.

    Initially, it looked like ordinary scrolling drop-down menus. However, after some time, there were a lot of entities and work with them acquired the character of torture. Users were asked to make at least a sajest.

    It was just boring to make a sajest, so I made just such a thing that looks a bit like Mack Finder in multicolumn mode. Hence the name - b-finder.

    Initially, Finder was designed for only one project. But the people liked this thing and I was repeatedly asked if it could be used anywhere else. Therefore, I decided to “untie” it from the project and make it a jQuery plugin for greater compatibility.

    What is able:

    - To display tree structures of arbitrary nesting;
    - Wander around the structure using the arrows on the keyboard;
    - Select using the Enter key;
    - Search by word and display selected entities (green button);
    - Accept user parameters and callbacks;
    - Work asynchronously.

    What does not know how:

    - Work in IE below 8;
    - Make coffee.


    - Enabled JavaScript;
    - jQuery 1.6+.


    - source codes and documentation ;
    - b-finder in action .

    Similar controls:

    - DeviantArt (category selection when adding work);
    - From hand to foot (region selection).

    For obvious reasons, I do not pretend to be new ideas and implementations. I would be glad if someone comes in handy.

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