Waited for Hammerfall

    imageTonight in the digital distribution, the game The History of Hammerfight (usually just Hammerfight, but completely girlish - Hammerfall) appeared, probably the most anticipated - and most long-awaited - project of the domestic indie game industry (and maybe not just "indie").
    An amazing and addictive game about the graceful fencing of flying barrels, with a deep (literally) universe and a pure authorial style that would remain in memory even if it didn’t go further than the demos.
    A little more detailed story about the project is in habratopika about its own demo version, you can buy the full version here , and in a few days - in any online store.

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    PPS Anti-haraffect-array of links to the demo version:
    executable on of.sayte.
    he is popularly from habrauser grokinn.
    More on ag.ru.
    a also on ogl.ru.
    and also on ftp Gambling.

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