Facebook is officially available on Tor

    Something happened, as though they had not expected at all, completely. Facebook has an official Tor mirror.

    Facebook says that a large number of users use Tor to visit their social networks, and protection against account hacking because of a sharp change of country often works, so Facebook decided to make it possible to visit social networks bypassing Exit nodes.

    Mirror is available only on HTTPS. According to the announcement , this was done due to architectural features: the Tor daemon works as a reverse proxy to the main infrastructure via the Internet, and HTTPS is used for encryption and authentication at the transport level from Tor to Facebook servers.

    At the moment, when entering through Tor, the mechanism for checking an unauthorized login is still not disabled, and you can see a message that you are coming from an atypical place, however, it is reported that it will soon be disabled for Tor users.

    Facebook, hidden services and https certificates from SLY_G

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