“Hide behind a high fence ... privacy”

    In the light of the huge number of leaks that hit the reputation of fairly large networks (on Habré they were mentioned here and here ), many services and social networks began to make additional efforts to ensure the security of personal data of their customers. An interesting and simple approach to protecting personal images is using the Yovo team (image sharing service).

    The application provides the security of document sharing using a system called ContentGuard. The system is based on the principle that allows to exclude the use of both data stored on the application server and screenshots without additional software. The system uses the so-called D-fence, in which a layer of rapidly moving pixels, inaccessible to the human eye, is superimposed on top of the image, but they appear when creating a screenshot.

    Today, the technology can hardly be called perfect: the flickering of the protective layer is weak, but noticeable, and slightly distracts from viewing photos. In addition, the narrowness of Yovo as an application stops, and the fact that while there is a version for iOS. There is hope that they will be able to establish cooperation with Snapchat, which also sufferedfrom leaks a couple of weeks ago, which would greatly benefit both services.

    Video demonstrating the principle of operation:

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