Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1


    Discussions of the new version of Opera 11.50 for desktop computers have not yet ended, and we have already prepared another surprise - the final release of Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1. Yes, the version numbers are not very noticeable, but in fact there are quite a lot of changes. We hope you enjoy them. We will not list everything and dwell only on the most interesting ones.

    Address bar

    Now you can enter website addresses and search queries directly into the address bar of your browser. Or, if necessary, you can use the search field to access your favorite search engines.

    Search Tips and History

    When you enter characters, you will be offered input options from the Google search engine and the browsing history in the browser. Select the option you want to appear in the field.

    Address bar autocomplete

    When you enter a URL, domains such as .com, .org, or .net are automatically added. In addition, the browser now learns new domains when you visit websites, such as .gov, .edu, .co.uk, or your country's domain.

    Text selection function

    If you want to select text, hold your finger over the desired area. Marks will appear around the word, with the help of which you can accurately select the desired passage. Then this text can be copied to the clipboard or pasted into the search bar.

    Convenient browsing

    The option of single-column web browsing makes it much easier to read large websites on low-screen devices, freeing users from the need to constantly use scrolling.

    Improved support for HTML5 and web standards

    Now the browser supports CSS gradients and automatic text splitting ( Multi-column ). The updated visualization engine Opera Presto 2.8.149 contains many improvements and provides more complete support for HTML5, CSS3 and many others.

    Learn more about the new technologies in Opera Mobile 11.1 for developers .

    Improved Opera Turbo function

    This improvement applies only to Opera Mobile - for owners of this version of the page will load much faster and with better quality - the image display is optimized through the use of WebP technology.

    Video demonstrating new features:

    As always, you can download new versions of mobile browsers directly to your device by going to m.opera.com , or to a computer .

    And, again, a very important recommendation:

    Do not download or install Opera browsers from unknown or suspicious websites! In Runet fraud flourishes, do not let yourself be deceived. Remember that all Opera browsers are distributed absolutely free!

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