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    Social news services are becoming increasingly popular. Communities on Digg , StumbleUpon (and on RuNet - on sites like News2 ) are growing every day, and there are more and more materials posted by users. Thanks to the model of these services, when users post external links to any materials, they are considered by many to be sources of “commercial” traffic. And it is logical that those who are interested in this kind of promotion are ready to spend some of their resources on this, and if necessary, money.

    In this situation, the idea of ​​organizing a service that allows you to “pump” custom posts with the help of your community seems quite obvious. At the same time, your main task is to gather people who, if necessary, are ready to vote for the desired content and receive material rewards for this.

    The Subvert and Profit service just offers its customers similar services. Instead of bothering with the time-consuming and complicated process of promoting your content in communities, you can come to these guys and pay for it: S&P already has 9,000 loyal users who are happy to readily pull you to the front page of popular news services.

    The project’s business model is this: the customer pays two dollars for one vote, one of which goes to the user who voted. Plus, voters receive 20% of the earnings of the referrals they attracted and 10% of the costs of attracted customers.

    Of course, the engines of the sites used are constantly developing and adapting to all kinds of attempts to organize publications in the top places in an organized manner. Now, trying to somehow counteract this, S&P asks users to cover up for voting for several neighboring posts that are not related to custom. The service declares the probability of successful promotion to the main page - more than 60%.

    Now let's count. If your material thanks to 100 votes appears on the home page, then you can get about 10,000 transitions. It turns out that for each visitor you pay two cents! Given that traffic can be even greater by increasing the effectiveness of ads, all this looks more than attractive.

    Digg and StumbleUpon are not the only sites S&P works with. In the near future, they are also planning to launch on YouTube . There is no doubt that this video hosting has a huge audience, and interest in it is quite justified. But there are more difficulties in attracting an audience: getting a video on the main page depends on many parameters. Therefore, it is still difficult to imagine how S&P can make it out of ordinary video with its cunning manipulations - a really popular sight.

    It remains to note that the question of the "virtue" of such an idea remains open. Imposing users of materials promoted for money - apparently, not the most positive undertaking, is akin to gray methods in search promotion. There is no doubt that the sites will eventually try to identify custom-made materials, but it is not yet clear who will ultimately triumph in this fight.

    via Techhh

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