Startup Rankings - February 2009

    Every month, StartupIndex publishes a rating of investment attractiveness of Russian startups, which characterizes their willingness to effectively use the funds of potential investors. Rating - this is the opinion of professionals about the overall investment attractiveness of the project, the level of elaboration of goals and objectives, the project team and its ability to achieve goals.

    Rating values ​​are published in accordance with the scale : from the highest category - “AAA” to the lowest - “D”.

    So, the projects: The

    Country of Smeshariki - A
    The largest Internet space for children’s communication in Russia is a portal based on the popular animated series Smeshariki.

    Blogger - A
    The system of organizing advertising campaigns in the blogosphere, which allows bloggers to earn money on their blogs, and advertisers to promote products on the Internet.

    Risovaska - BBB
    Technology platform for instant compact visual messaging. If you take ICQ and replace the text with images, you get “Rice”.

    MoySklad - BBB
    Internet service for the automation of warehouse accounting and order processing in small businesses.

    Flaphone - BBB
    Web service for organizing VoIP calls directly from the

    Art4Art Entertainment - BBB Web page
    The developer of the online games Lord of the Islands, Windrose, Legends of the Knights, War of the Presidents, as well as the Harmonious Couple Internet service and the Healthy Lifestyle portal.

    All projects with StartupIndex rating

    Description of the majority of the listed projects will fall into the second edition of the StartupIndex Review , which we recently wrote about on Habré. The magazine is scheduled for release in late March.

    How is the rating formed?

    The rating is formed on the basis of expert council estimates, which include staff analysts at StartupIndex and independent experts with knowledge in the relevant industries. Among them:
    How can a startup get a rating?
    • Register the project on the website ;
    • Attach additional materials: presentation, business plan, research results, etc. (these documents will be available only to members of the expert council and the site moderator);
    • Fill out a startup application;
    • Wait for a letter from a StartupIndex employee confirming the start of the examination process.
    If the final rating is BBB or higher, you will be offered to place the project in the next issue of StartupIndex Review. And this is just one of the reasons to get a rating.

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