Helper gadgets for our ladies and mothers


Recently, I was puzzled by the choice of a presentation for my mom. Naturally, there were no wishes from her, so I decided to determine the criteria that a gift should have. I settled on the fact that his main task is to help her with the housework, freeing up time for something else. And, after weeks of searching, this is what I found.

$ 4.95 electronic measuring spoon *


It is both a fun and useful gadget in the kitchen. If your lady / mother likes to cook some new “yummy” according to a new recipe, then she will surely need to measure various ingredients and this spoon will do an excellent job measuring products from 1 to 500 grams.

Chuwi Ilife V5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $ 98.89 *


We’ve already done a review about this vacuum cleaner , so I’ll just add that for the money it’s probably the best option, but you shouldn’t expect it to have the same effect as your ordinary manual vacuum cleaner. There is its own specifics and this gadget is more likely to maintain cleanliness, and not a general cleaning tool.

Kitchen Scale for $ 9.79 *


In continuation of the measuring history - not everything in the kitchen can be measured with a spoon, so the kitchen scale accessory is extremely useful and even necessary. These scales can take up to 5 kg of weight, while the measurement accuracy will still be in grams, that is, from 1 gram. He made stainless steel, so that he not only decorates the kitchen with his appearance, but also lasts longer.

Water tank with thermometer and scales for $ 12.05 *


Another interesting find was a water tank, capable of not only weighing the contents, but also telling the exact temperature. That is, when you are offered to pour tea in water at 75% - you will not boil the kettle, wait 5 minutes and then pour it, hoping that the water is 75% there, but simply pour it into this vessel and control the desired degree to the degree.

Just a mixer for $ 19.88 *


If you or your mother does not yet have a mixer in the house, then I strongly advise them to get one. This thing saves a lot of time, and most importantly it allows you to cook the desired dish with high quality. Even I, a person far from cooking, periodically pick it up to make an amlet, knead the dough for pancakes or even grind mashed potatoes. In general, I recommend.

Coffee grinder for $ 35.39 *


Making delicious coffee is a whole art and this is the art of “no longer a cake” if you immediately use ground coffee. The GIF shows us how fast and simple it is. However, personally, I like to grind even a little longer, and then fall asleep in a coffee maker.

Coffee maker for $ 37.85 *


And to a good coffee grinder - you need a good coffee maker. Personally, it seems to me that in this price range they are all the same, the main thing is to make sure that the price range is just that. In this case, I was convinced that the price includes even free courier delivery to the door. At least for Moscow.

What did you choose?

True, in the end, I reached out with the choice so much that I didn’t have time to deliver anything from China and began to study what I could buy in Russia, and ultimately I chose the Moulinex OW 3101 Uno bread machine. Good reviews on the market, the price is an adequate option, and most importantly, the goal is met - this thing will help.


On the its average price is 9,250 rubles, and at 003 I found for 6428r * , which I took advantage of, ordering immediately
2 bread makers for mom and mother-in-law.

ps But I still ordered a measuring spoon and a water tank, so I’ll probably tell you about them in a couple of months :)

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