Programming Languages ​​- Usage Statistics June 2010

    The ranking of programming languages ​​for June 2010

    TIOBE has once again put its rating on the use of programming languages. Java , C and C ++

    are still leaders , but Java has slowed down a bit (the use of this programming language has decreased by -2.11%), but this is not significant for it, since it is used by more than 18% of all developers, but language C (as you know, some time ago it was the leader in the ranking) added 1.03% and goes side by side with Java with a rating of 17.809%. Move on. The more time passes, the more JavaScript

    loses his developers and goes down the list in our charts. Its use decreased by as much as 1.83%

    . C # , Python, and Perl were distinguished by stability . C # has risen a bit, but this is exactly what “a bit” personally surprises me, because it is a very powerful development language for the .NET Framework.

    As for the use of PowerShell , compared to using it until the last statistics, it’s greatly increased, but, unfortunately, compared to the increase in the use of C language (+ 1.03%) or programmers who like to program on Apple's Objective-C (+ 2.35%), and this is the biggest growth over the past month, so farPowerShell did not find its fans, only 0.529% of programmers now write on it and now it occupies the last 20th line of the rating. Perhaps this is caused by the not-so-old release of PowerShell 2.0.

    An interesting fact about Objective-C , no matter how inconspicuous this programming language may seem, according to TIOBE forecasts , it will decline in 2010, but according to statistics, the company's forecast did not materialize.

    Statistics are given below:


    To summarize:

    Our leaders in Java , C and not much behind C ++ do not lose ground and are still struggling for first place in the hit list, Objective-C scored a greater number of viewers and came out on top in terms of growth in use. But JavaScript is losing popularity, for how long? Statistics will show.
    Thank you all for your attention.

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