Beltelecom turns to face hosting

    After an unconditional victory in the terrestrial Internet access market, Beltelecom decided to step up its activities in the hosting services market. This is evidenced by the new tariffs for shared hosting. For comparison, take the minimum tariff plan (with a monthly payment) with support for LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL):
    1. Beltelecom, t / n Hosting-50 - $ 1.1
    2. Hoster.By, t / p Start + - $ 7
    3. Extmedia, t / p Optimal - $ 8.95
    4. Active.By, t / p Expert - $ 9.25

    Even with GoDaddy, the minimum price is $ 4.99 / month (with a minimum order of 3 months). It is obvious that at this price Beltelecom will seriously squeeze out its competitors in the shared hosting segment.

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