Baikal Internet Forum leaked base Megaplan?

    In Irkutsk on June 10, 2010 the IT-conference “Baikal Internet Forum 2010” ( ) was held.

    Everything seems to be fine, everything is cool, different uncles came from Megaplan, Ru-center, etc.
    But then some time passed, and a letter fell in the mail (indicated when registering for the conference) that I was suddenly registered for no reason at And not just me, but a bunch of people who registered at the BIF.
    Under the cut is the text of the letter + response from Medvedev Group:

    You have successfully registered your Megaplan. Thank you for registering!

    So what do you do now.

    1. Here is the username and password for accessing Megaplan, you can change them after entering:
    Your username: "anychart"
    Your password: "*******"

    2. Login link:
    Please note - All employees enter this link! You do not need to register a separate Megaplan for each employee, you just need to create a separate username and password for each employee.

    3. The username and password for the employee are entered as follows:
    - you go to the "Employees" section;
    - click the button "Add employee";
    - on the page for adding an employee in the left column there are fields for login and password;
    - you come up with a username and password and inform their employee;
    - the employee enters Megaplan with this login and password (recall, at the link above!), And then can change them in his personal card to the ones he likes best.

    4. In the "help" section of your Megaplan there is a small instruction in pictures that will help you get started quickly.

    5. After the end of the test period, you can buy Megaplan, calculating its cost for your specific company using the configurator (

    6. Ask your questions and suggestions on the blog (, by mail and by phone (495) 221-69-58.

    We wish you a successful work!

    There was no warning that this was how the information would be used during registration.

    The organizers of the conference on Habré:
    Post about the conference:

    Information appeared from Medvedev Group:
    We look at all the Medvedev Marketing and Medvedev Group today their mail and are surprised that we are now also registered in the megaplan :).
    It looks like Misha Mironov (, the organizer from the Moscow side, who gave Bitrix. Conferences and configured it, and who had access to the admin panel, took the e-mail address from there and sent it.
    By agreement with Megaplan, we had to make a message in the general newsletter - who wants Megaplan - subscribe.

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