Amazon Kindle - Now $ 189

    Yesterday on Habré, the news that Barnes & Noble released the version of the reader for electronic books Nook without 3G for only 149 dollars was very actively discussed . The price of Nook with 3G was reduced from 259 to 199 dollars.

    We discussed this not only on Habr, but also on Twitter, where I saw quite a few tweets about Nook. No one doubted that he was the killer of the Amazon Kindle (or even the Apple iPad).

    Apparently, Amazon employees also read Twitter (or maybe Habr), so today a new banner appeared on the main page of their store: $ 189 for the version with WiFi and 3G, which works around the world. And don't forget that Amazon books are generally cheaper than Barnes & Noble (but there are exceptions, of course). The king is dead - long live the king!


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