Firefox 3.6 Details for Developers

    imageAn article on Firefox 3.6 for developers has appeared on the official Mozilla Developer Center website , which describes the innovations and changes in the upcoming version of Firefox 3.6. Of particular interest are the changes in working with the DOM:
    • a reorder message is sent to frames when their documents are loaded;
    • the getBoxObjectFor () method was excluded as non-standard and introducing non-standard functionality into the web;
    • hashchange event added! Following Internet Explorer 8, Firefox also gets support for a new event from draft HTML 5. I described it in more detail in this article ;
    • support for geolocation addresses has been added, which will provide location information in a convenient way: where a is the object that returned the geolocation API.


    The changes are not too significant yet, but along with other changes in the XUL, like the ability to hide the menu bar automatically, it completely draws to a separate minor release.

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