Five elementary tricks from the arsenal of writers

    Hello everyone.
    A good half of Habr has been using Twitter for a long time. I, the fossil, today find out that the number of letters in each message is strictly limited. A short help is immediately born in my head, which I hasten to share. For commonplace, just pass by)

    1. The keyword is always put at the end of the phrase.
    In the Russian language there is no rigid system for fixing words, and even on paper, amazing freedom of intonation is preserved. Highlighting a keyword with an emoticon, title, or bold is sometimes fun. But putting it at the end of a phrase is so natural :)
    something strange:
    bad this advice will never come in handy for me
    probably cool:
    NEVER this bad advice will come in handy to me
    this advice is bad, and it will never be useful to me

    2. Do not hang a sign on each tree with the inscription "tree".
    Cross out a long and boring explanation, without which everything is clear. No one likes being mistaken for an idiot.
    It was natural, but it became:
    bad advice, it will not come in handy

    3. The statement is always stronger than the negation!
    Is always! Do not fight :) with this pattern of our psyche, use it!
    was as above, and now:
    bad advice, I will use another

    4. Use simple comparisons and exaggerations.
    It was as above, but it became:
    advice is terrible, I will use another

    5. Translate verbs in the present .
    The action is happening right now, at this moment, in the reader’s head ...
    was as above, and now:
    the advice is terrible, I use another I

    summarize, and on Twitter:
    It was:
    bad this article will never come in handy to me
    The article is great! I advise everyone you meet!

    I read Yury Nikitin’s book “How to Become a Writer”)

    UPD: they say it would be better to read Sergey Lukyanenko “How to Become a Peyser”)
    UPD: and even better - Stephen King “How to Write Books”
    UPD: and an article on how to write on Twitter
    UPD: on the advice of ctrlok removed 317 extra letters - all honestly

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