3D printer creating color models from paper

    Iris is the new 3D printer model from Mcor Technologies .

    Printing is done by gluing pieces of paper together. A pack of paper is laid in the printer, the cutter does its job, the sheets are glued together. In addition, each of these pieces is painted so that as a result a three-dimensional paper photorealistic object is obtained.

    Iris works the same as its predecessor, MATRIX, which was already mentioned on Habré. But if MATRIX just produced a three-dimensional paper model, then Iris allows you to make it color.

    Examples of models (at 01.00 landscape, impressive)

    The paint should not go very much, because the sheets are not painted in whole.

    5760 x 1440
    Number of colors - more than a million.
    More details .

    Printing process

    It is positioned as a convenient prototyping tool.


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