You are not cool enough to act like that

It is believed that it is better to refuse a stupid but profitable offer than to make it. Many web studios do not like working with fools. Every second customer is inadequate for them, with bad orders at ridiculous prices. But wait, are you cool enough to act like that?

Why do web studios often behave as if the client is a fool and knows nothing? How is your job different from a hairdresser or car mechanic? From the point of view of the execution of work - perhaps from the point of view of the level of service and licking the client - no.

I have the honor to introduce myself: My name is Sergey, I am a specialist in social and cultural services and my specialization is serving VIP clients. Any whim of a person has a purpose and a price. A true specialist finds what the client needs, even when he himself has not yet realized it. And most importantly: the service is so that the client does not worry about trifles at all and knows that EVERYTHING will be done to him.

And so, my brother asked me to make a website for his company. A small web project with a budget of $ 10k. I made the necessary inquiries and found peace of mind, since I had plenty to choose from.
And what happened next, let me describe with a piece of laughter. With the charm that is peculiar to a man who met a jester, inflated into the image of the king:

1) The first web studio was located in an office building. Going inside, I was met by a manager-guy who, during a conversation, set himself the goal - to find out how much money I have. He did not need to know what project, for what, who, in what time frame. The main thing is the budget.

Quite a strange move: to find out the budget without knowing the purpose. I felt like a tramp, who went into the store, and was asked at his doorstep: “Do you have money to buy at least something?”

After I told them about the budget, they said, “Yes,” and took a description of the project to familiarize themselves with. But a day later it was said that they would not be able to complete the project, since it was too complicated, and they needed to double the budget.

I have completely lost interest in this company, but decided to find out: how competent they are in these matters. Professional interest, so to speak. I began to bargain with them. After half an hour, I was able to lower my budget by one and a half times.

It is difficult to believe people who either agree, then raise or lower the budget. But at the entrance they told me: "We are the best web studio." If you say something, then keep your word. If you yourself are not confident in yourself, people will not believe you.

2) Studio number two. In this studio I came across a really very good manager who told me about all the stages of creation, about the approximate cost, but unfortunately:

“If you want, you can go to other web studios and see what they offer.” Yes, and it was said with an arrogant tone. No guys, that’s not the way. If a person came to you, then he had a reason for it. But sending it to competitors is a gross mistake. You show him your indifference. And most importantly, because he will go and see, and will not return to you anymore.

A person needs your understanding. He has money, but he does not have what you have, namely: knowledge and experience. No need to load it with professional terms, and then pretend as if: “Oh yes, again, a fool.”

Yes, I was made to feel like a fool, and purposefully and openly. And, as you know, no one likes to be in that position. Pouting my cheeks, slamming the door, I was like that!

3) Entering the office, I saw a mouth-watering lady playing in the zoom and texting in ICQ. And after the words: “wait 5 minutes, I will finish the level”, I apologized, said that I had gone the wrong way and left.

Either this company is doing very well that they can let customers wait, or they missed the main connection: if there are no customers, it will not matter to everyone what you can and can do.

Yes, I still found a company that gave me enough time, where the manager was really interested in my problem. And believe me, they did not say that they are the best, they just did what I needed. I was pleased to cooperate with this company.

I have a question for web studios: “Do you really have enough money to put in an adequate manager who will be able to talk with clients?” Talking with a developer who throws terms and shows his superiority over you is unpleasant. Talking with a girl who "pokes" the "buttons" and "climbs" the sites is silly.

You provide a service, and this implies communication with people who have their own views, values ​​and stereotypes. If a person turns to programmers, show him a specialist in a sweater and glasses, let him think that "you are really professionals." Yes, this is pretended and stupid, but it’s better than arrogant managers.

Guys, life is beautiful and all people have the right to their vagaries, but you, as a commercial company that sets the goal of making a profit, should be loyal and patient with the oddities of people.
Pay attention, but almost all of your clients are completely normal people, but when they come to you, they immediately become “different”. Maybe it's not about people, but about you?

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