Codementor - Make Money From Your Experience

    Quite by accident, as always, in the morning , distracted from work, I came across a site called Codementor and offers beginners to get the help of experienced programmers. Analog Stack Overflow ? Maybe. But unlike the latter, Codementor gives you the opportunity to make money, in addition to reputation.

    Fig. 1 - Home


    So, there are two options for working with Codementor: either you provide assistance, that is, you are a mentor, or you get it - the service gives you a 100% guarantee that your problem will be solved.

    In order to request help, you must first get an invite - for this you need to enter an e-mail directly on the main page and wait a bit. After the approval of your candidacy, you gain the opportunity to publish your problem, and also get access to the interface for communicating with mentors. By the way, to contribute to the speedy approval of you as a user of the system, you can share information about the resource in social networks.

    If you feel the strength to provide qualified assistance to inexperienced colleagues in the workshop - you can try to become a mentor .

    To begin with, you will be asked to fill out standard name / e-mail, as well as mark areas in which you are ready to provide professional assistance. In this case, there are only 31, plus you can specify additional skills in a special field.

    Fig. 2 - Registration of the mentor, step one


    In the next step, you need to specify a little more information:
    • your current place of work and position;
    • the number of hours per week that you are willing to devote to communicating with the Padawans;
    • some information about your experience;
    • the cost of your services for 15 minutes of communication;
    • Describe your experience in each of the previously specified professional skills.

    Fig. 3 - Registration of the mentor, step two and final


    After filling in all the fields, the data goes to moderators for approval - it depends on their decision whether you will become a mentor or not. As the founder of the Weiting Liu project told me, the conclusion is made on the basis of the information contained in the specified profiles (LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.) and answers to special questions about your skills and experience (they are asked in person). After accepting your candidacy, you have the right to proceed with the provision of paid assistance to those in need. The cost, as I mentioned above, is set in 15 minutes of communication through video, screen display or chat. The subsequent withdrawal of money is carried out with the deduction of the service commission (20 percent) through PayPal. Although, according to the founder of the project, if users are interested in other payment methods, then this will not be the case.

    At the end of the conversation, Weiting Liu added that he is very interested in users from Russia and in the near future they will be engaged in internationalizing the project.

    In general, it’s a pretty good idea - it’s interesting what will come of it, whether this project will be able to compete with existing solutions. I recommend everyone who is interested in Codementor to try their hand at the consulting field.

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