The Return of the Prodigal Mark Pincus

    PincusAccording to the BBC, the founder of Zynga, Mark Pincus, is returning to the company as CEO to replace Don Mattrick, who joined the company in 2013.

    In its latest report, Zynga said it had lost $ 225.9 million (£ 152 million) in 2014, compared with $ 37 million a year earlier. However, the report makes it clear that the mobile audience of igrodelov continues to grow. Previously, the company depended heavily on the Facebook platform, which generated most of the traffic. The company's shares rose more than 3% following the close of markets in the United States.

    Salary as always striking the mind, Mark will work for one bucks.

    Facts about Zynga:

    • Founded in July 2007 (founders Mark Pincus, Michael Laxston, Eric Schwimmer, Justin Waldron, Andrew Trader and Steve Sketler).
    • In December 2011, Zynga conducted an initial public offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ, which became the largest Internet company after the IPO Google.
    • Don Mattrick used to work at Microsoft and worked on the Xbox.
    • The very farm was created precisely in the bowels of the company Zynga.

    In a letter to the Zynga team, Mark wrote that he would take up duties immediately and thanks Don for his excellent work in the mobile game development sector.
    Now that we are in first place in the mobile gaming market, it's time to focus on our vision of games for the mass market.

    I am inspired by our future products that can raise the company to a new previously unattainable level. Empires & Allies, Dawn of Titans and FarmVille: Harvest Swap are on the heels of one of our most popular apps - Wizard of Oz Slots, which was launched last November.

    I am returning to the company that I love in order to accelerate innovation in our greatest strengths. I look forward to your cooperation in order to retain millions of our users and attract new consumers.

    Zynga is a pioneer of social gaming in the mass market, and our mission is to bring the world together through gaming.

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