Windows 1.01 - now right in the browser


    No, in this case it’s not about the fact that Microsoft decided to release something special for nostalgic PC users who met computers many years ago. Instead, Microsoft tried the programmer Jeff Par, who introduced the browser emulator Windows 1.01 . Earlier, I wrote about the browser emulator of ancient games and software announced by the Internet Archive. Now it's up to the OS.

    So, the emulator is written in JavaScript, and it completely recreates the operation of Windows 1.01, as if this OS was running on IBM PC XT with a 4.77 MHz processor, and a CGA monitor (probably more than half of the users of such monitors and Habr did not see :)).

    The emulator is equipped with functional soft buttons, including a combination of Ctrl + Alt + Del, Esc, F10 and others. If you wish, you can load the disk image using a specific address.

    There is also a file manager, MS-DOS Executive, which allows you to run both the calculator of the first versions, and the ancient Paint, and much more.

    It is worth noting that this OS itself was released in 1985, and the developers provided for Windows 1.01 their own versions of drivers for the most popular devices at that time.

    PS In addition to the OS itself, you can evaluate the emulators of toys such as Donkey, Zork I.

    Via thenextweb

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