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    Silicon Valley is the mecca of IT startups around the world. It has a unique cultural and economic environment, but getting there without being a US citizen is quite difficult. Startup Blueseed offers to solve all the problems with visas and immigration at once in a simple and elegant way - to place a ship or platform with all the necessary infrastructure outside the territorial waters of the United States. The ship will be anchored 12 miles off the coast of California. In order to live and work on it, a visa is not needed. To visit the coast regularly, a tourist or business visa (B1 / B2) is sufficient, which can be obtained relatively easily. The ferry overcomes the distance to the shore in half an hour. A boat or a helicopter is even faster. US citizens can visit the ship startups without restrictions.


    Blueseed hopes to launch the first floating startup incubator in Q3 2013. The cost of living and renting a working space will be from 1200 to 3000 dollars per person, which is not so expensive even without taking into account the ocean view and much more fresh air than, for example, in San Francisco. The project is financed by the famous venture capitalist and investor Peter Thiel.

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