As we celebrated March 8

    Although they don’t really love all kinds of posts about congratulations, corporate parties on the hub, but not reporting is a crime!

    Last week, the whole country celebrated International Women's Day. All men, including our company, have mobilized! We arranged a whole holiday for the beautiful half!

    The banquet may be too loudly said, but "strangled gatherings" - for sure. How many pleasant words the women of our company heard!

    In addition to all goodies, gifts were also an unexpected surprise. “Yellow tulips are not at all messengers of separation,” as the happy owners of these flowers say one!

    Now, I say on behalf of the entire women's team, we confidently and with great pride declare: “Our men love us very much, we are not even a courageous shoulder for them, as they are for us, but serious support and support. It is we who inspire them to exploits, both career and all others! ”

    I wish everyone the same kind, friendly atmosphere in the office. And we will not give our men to anyone, they are the best!)

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