Spring has come - it's time to update! New Workle Interface

    Hello, the long-awaited spring! It is time to change for the better, and therefore Workle is in a hurry to give you a charge of a positive mood and to please you with new innovations. So:

    - Workle got a new main page and pages of professions. They allow you to quickly navigate the services offered and choose a profession . Having decided on everything, you get access to the Internet office.


    - For your convenience, we have developed a new main menu - it is now even easier to navigate in different sections of the site. Stay in touch wherever you are: to make any transactions you only need the Internet.

    - Work for a modern person is not only a source of income, but also an opportunity to find like-minded people, as well as friends based on interests. That is why the pages "Publications" and "People" are now combined in the section "Communication".
    Soon integration with social resources to search for customers and employees in a team.

    - The updated functionality of the site will help you plan your work time more effectively, attract customers and actively enter into transactions. The page for customers has been added to the list of user menu items. This is an online business card, a link to which you can send to any user on the Internet. Turn on the “Customer Page”, upload your photo, add information about yourself and your contacts - and do business online!

    - Everyone who wants to realize themselves in the profession “Tourism” will have another pleasant surprise: we launched a new version of the interface - even more beautiful and convenient. Combining the online booking system of leading tour operators and the functionality of your personal online office, the service will allow you to:

    save the most precious time: the first search results appear in 2 seconds;

    choose and book a tour, turning the commission from the tour operator into your personal income;

    get detailed information about the tour: photo of hotels, departure information for the tour, the possibility of insurance, transfer, etc.

    Of course, the Workle update was not limited to only those listed above and included many other “tricks”, such as a convenient search form for tours, booking travel with the ability to change its parameters along the way, the function of confirming a reservation, etc. So far, the profession "Tourism" is available for specialists who already have experience in this area. However, very soon training for beginners will appear at Workle, which we will inform you of;)

    Test, we are waiting for your comments and suggestions on the new interface.

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