Firefox OS Applications Launch on Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

    Firefox OS engineers in their blog reported that applications for their operating system made using Open Web Apps technology (in other words, just HTML + JS + CSS) will become, relatively speaking, “cross-platform” and will work on the whole a number of third-party operating systems without changing the source code ("like a native apps"). True, the application still needs to be able to adapt to the screen size and the hardware of the device.

    The demo video shows the process of launching some Short Clock application, which, as you can understand, does not require any user privileges. It can be seen that on Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux, something like this happens: the application is installed from the Firefox Marketplace from a browser in the corresponding operating system (at the same time it automatically adapts to it - “repackage” occurs) and starts “as a native application”. At the same time, it is emphasized that “source code changes are zero”.

    It is noteworthy that JavaScript in an OWA application can work not only within its HTML, but also access existing hardware APIs on each of the listed platforms. The video shows how an application is installed on Android that requires a number of privileges - access to GPS and the Vibration API, for example.

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