Ice Cream Sandwich will be followed by Jelly Bean

    If you spend sleepless nights wondering what kind of goodies will follow the Ice Cream Sandwich in the sweet parade of Android version names, then I have news for you. According to the "reliable source" of This is my next, it will be jelly beans (Jelly Bean) .

    More importantly, according to this source, some “game-changing things” that were supposed to appear in Ice Cream Sandwich were transferred to Jelly Bean. Not very good news, although we generally do not know what functions are in question.

    Since the announcement of Google I / O in May, Ice Cream Sandwich considered the main point in the merger of versions for phones and tablets - now presented as Gingerbread and Honeycomb, respectively, and besides that, very little was said about what will happen in ICS.

    According to another source, This is my next, the name Jelly Bean has not yet been finalized. However, there are not so many desserts whose names begin with "J". The same source said that in Ice Cream Sandwich there will still be some rather serious changes in architecture, functions and design, so, apparently, this will still be a major release.

    With recent rumorsabout Samsung’s Nexus Prime at Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s likely that the ICS release is very close (in fact, Schmidt recently confirmed that it is scheduled for October-November), so we can hopefully get some idea of ​​these versions in very near future.

    via This is my next , TechCrunch

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