In the fidoip software package, starting from version 1.0.5, support for hypertext Fidonet has appeared

    [NoSFeRaTU's GoldED +]Thirtieth of December on put the news about that in the cross-platform package fidonetovskih programs called fidoip , recently incorporated GoldED, the NSF - a special version of the popular editor fidopochty GoldED +, allowing unhindered access an FGHI URL as a hyperlink. This means that fidoip has added support for hypertext Fidonet .

    To fully understand the significance of this news, it is enough to open before you the window of the editor GoldED-NSF or even its previous version - NoSFeRaTU's GoldED +(see the figure on the right). As you can see, in the text of the email being viewed, the email not only highlights the Web URLs (“http: //”), but also the Fidonet URLs (“area: //”), which you can also click on; and under the heading of each letter (bright crimson ) the address bar from which the Fidonet URL can be copied shines.

    How to compare this achievement?

    According to its expressive capabilities, echo-mail in the hypertext Fidonet (as of the beginning of 2010) is most reminiscent of modern Internet microblogs: there is text, there are hyperlinks, but there is nothing else. True, unlike microblogging, echomail uses a distributed storage system and receives large enough messages (for example,up to 64 kilobytes, given the limitations of FastEcho ; for comparison, you can specify that the same limit is the size of the blog entry in LiveJournal ).

    The web as a whole was like that twenty years ago - before the advent of ViolaWWW and Mosaic .

    The development of Fidonet will continue, but for now I recommend reading the four pages of comments on LOR : there are funny ones, and there are interesting ones.

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