Gray stable hopelessness is nothing. Motivation is everything!

    I just wanted to share with Steve Jobs a wonderful phrase from the Habrasociety, from a speech to Stanford graduates:

    For 33 years, every day I look in the mirror and ask myself: “If
    today was the last in my life, I would like to do what
    I am going to do today ? " And as soon as the answer was “no” for
    several days in a row, I realized that something had to be changed.

    The memory that I will die soon is the most important tool that
    helps me make difficult decisions in my life. Because everything
    else - someone else's opinion, pride, fear of embarrassment or failure - all
    these things fall in the face of death, leaving only what is really
    important. Remembering death is the best way to avoid thinking that you
    there is something to lose. You are already naked. You have no more reason not to go to the call of
    your heart.

    PS. I worked in the civil service for 5 years. Remaining further on this work meant that I would have to deceive:

    -the people who came to me, since I had to do my work through force (is it not all that we see all the time when we are faced with the attitude of workers who do his job through w ... y, while pointing out that no one else works for such a salary and that they won’t be able to fire him - there’s no staff, no matter how much you complain)

    -myself. The fact that a stable salary is better than unknown prospects in the future, the more I lived in a service apartment, and my wife and I were waiting for the birth of a son;

    -the soul that appeared in this body and in this world is not at all in order to recognize at 60 that it’s her life and has passed ... but nothing has been done.

    Remember often the words of Steve Jobs, friends, and may joy and inspiration come with you!

    Good luck

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