Oh here you are, habrochelovek

    In general, an avatar is a picture that is displayed next to your nickname when you write comments. And it can also be seen in your Habracenter. It helps other users to distinguish you from the gray mass of those who have not yet uploaded an avatar to their profile.
    imageDid you,% username%, have the idea: “But should you put a slightly modified habuman on the avatar?”. What comes to mind first? Raise not your left hand, but your right? Show fuck? Raise both hands?

    I decided to conduct a little research and find out what the imagination of the Khabrovsk citizens is capable of, to
    look at the habra-people.

    It turned out that with the imagination on the hubr is just wonderful! In total, I discovered 101 habermen. Many of them are just great :)

    Let's start with the most popular.

    Not surprisingly, a lot of people came up with the idea of ​​showing fuck, raising the other / both arms, or standing up with their legs clipped off . I would say too many. Well, okay ... I combined all the same clones into groups and appointed the habropuser to be the first commander of the group in alphabetical order.

    The original mankind.

    I took the liberty of shamelessly singling out from the list those who I really liked. (I apologize in advance to those who did not get on this list of favorites). It is interesting that some hablovers are not just beautiful pictures, but also have some kind of subtext. For example, I saw a man in the form of a statue of Motherland with a LED torch (unfortunately, he didn’t find it. Maybe they changed it).

    And here is a list of my favorites. Many thanks to the authors :)


    Well, a few habrucheloveka from me. If you like it, you are welcome - use :)

    Z.Y. if someone does not agree with the choice of commander of a group of clones and claims to be a pioneer in this position, or someone does not want to loom in this topic - write. fix / delete.

    ZZ There is an offer to vote for the most original habrocheloveka. add @% username% in the comment text. it is possible for several different habrochelovek.

    update: In our regiment arrived:

    Also popular now: