Talking about your product on Habrahabr and giving a link to Wikipedia, you can provoke the removal of an article about it on Wikipedia

    It seems that the revelation of administrative arbitrariness happening on Wikipedia is ready to reach a new peak, affecting Habrahabr directly: this time Wikipedia deleted the article about a certain program for mobile phones because  the Habrahabra article was called the Wikipedia encyclopedia as one of the promotion channels and business development related to this program.

    We are talking about the program Wapalta, combining a specialized mobile browser and a paid directory of sites. The Wikipedia article about Wapalta is over there (it was created on March 25), and the story about Wapalta on Habrahabr appeared on the evening of December 22 .

    That night, as the Peeep.US snapshot shows and comments on Habrahabr , this article was put up for quick deletion (performed on Wikipedia without discussion by the community, on the initiative of the first administrator who came across) with the wording “Samopiar ”. By morning, the article was removed from Wikipedia.

    Now the article has been restored again, but the sediment remains. The authors of the articles feel themselves helpless, helpless midges in a hurricane of administrative lawlessness. This can be seen, for example, from a blog post in the LJ community ru_wikipedia , or from a discussionWikipedia articles, or on comments on Habrahabr.

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