Gmail creator Paul Buckheit about where to work better - in a startup or a large company

    Bakhayt Paul ( Paul Buchheit ) - the creator of Gmail, the original author of the prototype engine GoogleAdSense and informal slogan of the company «Do not be evil», 23rd Google employee, recently founded his own company, start-up FriendFeed, writes good this blog . He writes emotionally, sincerely and very interesting.

    The first we translated a post explaining why a person should give up a full life for the sake of working in a startup:

    As soon as it comes to choosing whether to join a startup or work at regular work, someone necessarily speaks out in favor of a 9-hour five-day period, arguing this with the phrase “happiness is not in money”.

    Of course they are right. Around is full of evidence that happiness is only indirectly related to wealth. Much more satisfaction is brought to people by good relationships with loved ones, a sense of significance and purposefulness of existence. Of course, money is also important, but if the question of food and a roof over your head is no longer standing (like most of those who choose between working in a startup or a large corporation), then the money can go by the wayside.

    Moreover, most of those who choose a job in a startup will never receive a huge salary. Yes, Google pays billions of dollars to thousands of its employees, but this is a rare exception. Even the startup that managed to achieve relative success, and in the end is sold for $ 50 million, will still only make a couple of people rich.

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