Coworking office from an internet cafe - how real is it?

    I have in mind a nice Internet cafe in the city center, windows overlook the fountain, trees and benches around the fountain.

    I want to offer this Internet cafe to redevelop into a coworking office. The advantages for freelancers, in my opinion, are obvious:
    1. No need to register an office tenant — the company already exists!
    2. You do not need start-up capital for the first payment of rent and collateral - the owner of the cafe already has both premises and money!
    3. It is not necessary to work out legal issues for a long and tedious (and probably also expensive) - the Internet cafe has a very similar business model , which needs to be slightly adjusted
    4. Less money will be spent on home furnishing - the cafe already has repairs, tables, chairs and the Internet

    By the way, this cafe is located in the center of Moscow, from the metro within walking distance. The list can nevertheless be applied to any Internet cafe in any city. Residents of the capital can add a convenient location to the above list.

    So, the list of pluses for the freelancer can be continued, but what can I say to the owner? What are the pluses he will have? Of course, the emphasis must be made on the money that they earn on this, but in the economy I am not a boom at all. I can only guess that Internet cafes are starting to transform into a simple café due to a drop in demand, because in Moscow home anlim is very cheap.

    How can it look and work? It may look like a simple Internet cafe, only there people will work: no documents and advance payments, I came, paid 1/3/5 hours of stay, sat down with my laptop and work. The availability of seats can be pre-checked by phone (no seats - sit at home). IMHO, it’s easier for both the visitor and the owner, but it’s more difficult to assemble a community.

    I propose a brainstorming session, which will result in a list of commercial benefits from re-profiling an Internet cafe in a coworking office. Well, or as an option, you can come to the conclusion that you can’t do business on this and, as a result, you will have to do this on a voluntary basis by freelancers themselves.

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