Television gaming machine "Highway"

    Many, many years ago, when computers were large and we were small, there was such a form of entertainment as slot machines. They were in parks, cinemas, cafes and so on ...
    One of my favorite slot machines was “RACES” , they called it that (but I still could not read it), although its real name is “Highway”. Now you can play it (and not only it) not only in the museum of slot machines, but also in the browser.

    [I swear oathly that I have nothing to do with the museum I am talking about, except that I visited it. This is not an advertising post, but if you consider it an advertisement, then I wasn’t paid for it]

    So, the other day I decided to go have some fun - play slot machines, the same ones that come from the USSR. Fortunately, there is a magical place where it is still possible and this place is a few metro stops away from me (Moscow, metro station Pervomaiskaya).
    I wandered to the site in order to clarify the phone number of this museum of slot machines, as I remember that there they asked me to pre-arrange a visit ... and now I found the Flash game "Highway" on the site . How correctly (in terms of algorithms, etc.) it repeats the iron counterpart, I can not say, since I have not played for a long time, but the sea received pleasure. You can play both alone and together. Links: “Highway” - 1 player; “Highway” - 2 players. Museum of UPD slot machines .

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