MFcast # 21: Special Edition on Google Android OS

    Today we present you the long-awaited special issue, fully dedicated to the Android OS from Google. We will touch on the history of this OS and the first devices, modern Android devices from all leading manufacturers and rumors about future Android handsets. In addition, we will talk about why Nokia ignores Android and what are the prospects for the young operating system from Google. Away again Maxim Trubachev.

    Themes of release:

    - The origins of Android OS

    - HTC G1 - the first “google phone”

    - Overview of the Google Android operating system: part 1 , part 2

    - And soon the release of Android 2.0 Eclair

    - HTC Hero : a beautiful android with a beautiful shell

    - Overview of the HTC Sense interface

    - Samsung i7500 : first Android from Samsung

    - Samsung i5700 Galaxy Lite : Android is cheaper from Samsung

    - Samsung Moment with a QWERTY keyboard for Sprint subscribers

    - Highscreen PP5420 from Vobis and Mobinnova: the first Russian Android phone

    -HTC Tattoo : relatively low-cost alternative Hero

    - Motorola CLIQ : first Android phone from Motorola

    - Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 : first and very powerful Android phone from SE

    - Acer A1 : first android from Acer with a GHz processor

    - LG GW620 : first Android phone from LG with a sliding QWERTY-keyboard

    - HTC Dragon (Zoom 2): “fire-breathing” 1-GHz Android phone

    - Interesting Android devices from the French Archos

    - Motorola is preparing an Android attack

    - A full-fledged Android phone for $ 200 from China: Sciphone N19

    - Plans: Android handsets from Dell , Panasonic and more ...

    - Nokia will never release an Android phone.

    - Rainbow plans for the future: Android will surpass iPhone OS and Windows Mobile in popularity in 2012.

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