Now Xmarks and under Google Chrome


    In everyday work and just browsing the vast expanses of the mighty Internet, I almost constantly began to use Google Chrome. Googled in full, so to speak. We bribed, like many, at least some extensions, the opening speed, compact interface and, as a last resort, synchronization of bookmarks between the Chrome through a Google account.

    But, whatever one may say, Firefox is still in demand, and sometimes even an indispensable browser for many tasks. I’m not talking about testing sites in different browsers, which I also have to do on duty, but I mean a lot of unique lotions, which simply simply do not exist under Chrome yet. And so, until I completely got involved with Ognelis, I looked towards the Chrome Bookmarks API to create something of my own to synchronize bookmarks between Chrome and Fire. But, as it usually happens: laziness, lack of time, laziness again ...

    How pleasant I was surprised when I discovered that my favorite Xmarks, which I used under Fox, was testing my own extensibility Xmarks for Chrome Alpha !!!

    You can read and subscribe to add-on testing at for Xmarks users)

    I don’t know why Alpha, but right after installing and logging into my Xmarks account in Chrom, everything worked fine. Having opened two browsers at once and made a bookmark in one, I found it automatically appearing in the other (the automaton, it seems, may not always work).

    In short, there is no limit to my joy and now I can stretch out a little more using two browsers and using the same bookmarks in both, until all the dampness and bugs in Chrome are finally fixed. Which I recommend to you.

    Attention: the plugin works only under Chrome development channel release no lower than version

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