DaBase is not another ORM for PHP

    DaBase is not another ORM for PHP

    Passed the first combat tests and now appears at the mercy of the habrasociety.

    DaBase on the one hand is ORM since provides object-oriented access to the database, on the other hand, not quite ORM, because It does not bother with initialization and specification of the database structure and table relationships.

    • MySQL and PostgreSQL support
    • Easy: ~ 50kb concise OOP code
    • Fast and undemanding to system resources
    • It does not require any configuration, you can instantly start using it on an existing base scheme.
    • Very concise, allows you to perform several different operations in one readable line of code.
    • It has complete tools for generating (escaping) SQL queries by analogy with DbSimple.
    • Supports pseudo-JOIN tables based on matching table names and index fields
    • Supports the creation of specified data models with configuration of property validation rules
    • There is an implementation of working with tree Nested Sets collections
    • There is support for caching (so far only in the process memory) with auto-cleaning

    SVN: http://dabase.googlecode.com/svn/trunk
    You can download it here: http://code.google.com/p/dabase/downloads/list
    Project page on Google Code: http://code.google. com / p / dabase

    I am very glad to everyone who wants to join the project :)
    Thank you all for the constructive criticism and feedback!

    UPD: People, I asked for criticism to be constructive, and here most of the complaints come either from the fact that the leadership was not completely read, or because of a banal misunderstanding. I understand that the manual is in English and the topic is holistic, but let's be more careful and tolerant.
    UPD:With all the brevity of DaBase, dear habrayuzer, if you are working on a large project with a database that includes multiple table relationships and there is a need for a complete specification of their relationships, it is better to pay attention to systems such as Propel and Doctrine .

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