Created GUI for iPhone Unlock Utility

    It took less than a day for the comrades at to create a graphical interface for the iUnlock utility, which allows you to “untie” your Apple iPhone mobile phone from the AT&T mobile network.

    What we have:
    1. the phone must have firmware 1.02.
    2. The modem firmware on the phone should be (03.14.08_G)
    ( Settings → General → About → Version. Modem Firmware should also say 03.14.08_G )
    3. In addition, you must first prepare the device using iBrickr
    4. Download the utility itself:

    rs160tl2 / files / 55201526 / dl / zip .zip

    5. Unzip to the / Applications / directory on the phone
    ( /Applications/ )
    6. New file replace with old iUnlock in /

    7. The unlock icon should appear on the phone itself
    8. wait 20 minutes


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