Google Enhances Online View of TIFF and PowerPoint Files

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For several months, Google has been adding fast PDF viewing right in the browser. Now the same viewer supports TIFF files and Microsoft PowerPoint documents: in this way, the user can view these files directly in the browser. There is no need to save files on a computer, there is no need to buy or install any special software for viewing.

At first, the "Slide Show" mode was implemented only for PowerPoint files, but now this technology is used to view PDF and TIFF.

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In addition, new functions give the user more control over the document:
  • it can be increased or decreased;
  • select the text to copy and paste;
  • "Print" the presentation in a PDF document.

In addition, the new version does not require Flash installed in the browser.

Like presentations, TIFF files can contain multiple pages, however, and standard TIFF viewers on a computer usually only show the first page. Therefore, the online viewer will show the user all the pages of the document and give the opportunity to "print" TIFF, opening it in the form of a ready-to-print PDF.

didn’t find similar news by searching, the translation is free enough, but I’ve kept the meaning :)
I’ll say for myself that I already sent myself one presentation - it worked for me, but TIFF wasn’t at hand

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