Source Code → Crash!

    Yesterday, when I clicked on “View Source Code” in Firefox 3.0.9 , FF crashed with a terrible creak. It struck me very much. The first thing I thought: Mozilla made a bug somewhere.

    But this morning, when FF started, the Add-ons update window popped up and suggested updating the HTML Validator , which I did.

    Oh miracle! FF no longer crashes when viewing HTML!

    It turned out that this add-on was to blame. Here is the translation of the add-on author’s statement from the official site (the narrative style is preserved as much as possible):

    - Previous versions caused a bug in FIREFOX 3.0.9 in the DOM API!
    The real solution would be Firefox 3.0.10 but it will not be available for another 1 month. In fact, when viewing the source code in Firefox 3.0.9, it crashes! Some lines of code that have been working since Firefox 1.0 now cause Firefox to crash ...
    Because of this, I have to release a very fast 0.856 to solve the Firefox 3.0.9 bug. So, line highlighting with HTML errors is now turned off! Unfortunately, I did not have a better solution.
    - Works in Firefox 3.1 beta 3.
    - Works in Seamonkey 2 alpha 3

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