MTX: a service for people, not programmers

    Publishing topics on Habré, we finally realized why we are met with minuses. Eureka: habralyudey majority of their profession , programmers , and they believe that our service will take away their bread . This is actually not the case . But in order to understand this, you should register and feel all the features on yourself.

    You can learn more about the project from the habratopik published earlier.

    For those who are too lazy to register, there is a username / password combination test / test , which allows you to log in to the system “here and now”.

    "The creators of personal sites" do not allow the creation of web forms and databases. Or they do very primitive things. Therefore, users of Ucoz and others like them are looking for services like ours. For this reason, is so popular (registration for ru users is closed). We are sure that for Russian-speaking users MyTaskHelper will also be useful and this can be seen in the first half of the year exists. has been proving this for years.

    Below we offer a screenshot that shows the options for setting up a web form:


    as well as a ready-made database created using the MyTaskHelper system:

    Some ask us how we differ from the same Ukoz, in which there are some ready-made modules, for example, a feedback form. We answer: MyTaskHelper allows you to create not only the simplest forms, but also web forms of any complexity (including dynamic ones) and databases, configure them and embed them in any sites.
    For a more detailed acquaintance with the system, any user can go to the video page .

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