Bitcasa Continues Acceleration

    I think many people are familiar with Bitcasa, which positions itself as a "unlimited" storage. In the next letters from her, a proposal came to download the client (Mac, Win, Linux), which I did. After connecting, I ended up in the repository, where the Sample Videos folder is already located. You can also mount your own folder.

    The right one is underlined in red :))
    For the test, I tried to open the video directly from there, without downloading. Everything worked and it pleases.

    In addition, the Web portal also works. We

    test further! Get connected!

    PS I apologize gentlemen, there were 10 invites and they were handed out. Download the client, you can register directly in it.

    UPD: Apparently, the creators of Bitkasu Linux are not held in high esteem. I am told by habraly people that the client for Linux is not finished yet.

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