Android virus creators use Instagram hype to spread SMS Trojans

    According to experts from Sophos and Trend Micro (computer security), in the wake of the popularity of the Instagram application, several fake sites were created with the help of which the distribution of trojans is carried out.

    Instagram application developed for iOS allows users to take pictures, edit them and share them on social networks. As of April 2012, the number of registered users exceeds 30 million.

    In early April, the application was released for Android, download statistics from - more than a million times in the first 12 hours.

    - We have discovered fake application sites that distribute a modified version of the program. Externally, these sites are no different from the official download page, says Carl Agregado, an analyst at Trend Micro.

    One of the fake sites contains text in Russian and distributes the trojan. After the installation is completed, the application sends SMS from the phone and joyfully subscribes the user to expensive newsletters. This happens without the permission of the subscriber.

    The installer (APK) contains several images of a man who became a rather famous meme in the Russian Internet environment (guys, there was no picture in the original source, but I think that this guy akira suggests that he was a Witness) .

    Why this image is used is not clear. But this was not the first time - in February, specialists from Symantec reported malware that contained the same image.

    It is believed that the one behind this uses this popular picture to attract attention as a bait.

    Last week, Sophos employees reported a fake new Angry Birds (a version of the game in space), which was also a malware.

    In general, gentlemen, be careful when installing applications.


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